I see myself as an artist first.  My fascination with capturing imagery began when I was 8 years old.  My professional career started in 2015 when I was commissioned to take photos of artwork for a fine art publication.  In the twelve years since that first shot, I continue to hone my skills both artistically and technically and my domain expertise expands to web design.

I am attracted to projects that give me an opportunity to connect with people and their intention to create awesome visual experiences for themselves and their clients. Understanding who my clients are and their goals and objectives for a successful project are an important part of my process.   My design process blends the needs of the commercial world with insights from art and music. 

Although born and now living back in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, I spent eight years living in New York. I love to travel and although only sixteen, I have experienced wonderful cultures in both Asia and Europe. 

I create primarily for small businesses i.e. startups, non-profits and individuals looking to establish or maintain personal brands.





Feel free to directly call me, text me, or email me.  I'd love to understand your vision and ideas.  Let's figure out together how to make them a reality!